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30 November 2020

Getting stuck in when you’re stuck in

2020 Nov Wfh Ryley

Back in March, the world changed overnight and forced us to quickly adjust – with working from home playing a huge part in this new way of life. And although recent government guidelines have meant some people have been able to go back into work, since lockdown began we’ve encouraged the team to stay at home to avoid any unnecessary risk.

The downside is, it’s meant three members of our team have started from their bedrooms.

Here they share their thoughts on starting a new role during a global pandemic; what helps them work, what they’re missing right now and what they’re looking forward to when life eventually gets back to 'normal'.

Lizzie, Copywriter: joined us Day 1 of Lockdown

“It’s a funny one. On the one hand you get to wear pyjama bottoms to ‘the office’ (which is a huge win in my book). But on the other hand, nothing beats the buzz of being in a studio environment. So much of the work we do involves collaboration; throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks, and that can sometimes be trickier when you’re not all under the same creative roof.

The infectious energy in the air (no pun intended) when you crack an idea or smash a pitch might not be quite the same over Zoom, but I feel incredibly grateful that everyone in the team has been so welcoming and accommodating during this bizarre time. I’ve had the chance to sink my teeth into some really exciting projects and tools like virtual whiteboard Miro have been great for getting ideas in one place, especially when it comes to naming.

I can’t wait to finally meet everyone in person with a crisp G&T in hand – and find out if Ben really is as tall as everyone says he is. But for now, Virtual Beer O’Clock will do me nicely!”

Emma, Account Manager: joined us Day 182 of Lockdown

“I’m glad I had the experience of working from home before starting at Robot Food so it wasn’t totally alien, and actually interviewing over video call was also a lot easier than anticipated! You have to be sure the connection is there when looking for a new job, and if the spark is right, you’ll know – regardless of if you’ve met in person or not.

Work-wise, a good set up is a must. Having both a desktop screen and a laptop has been a godsend as I can switch rooms throughout the day to stay focussed. Plus making sure I pack away my workstation every Friday keeps the work/life balance in check.

It's important to remember that even though you’re new to the agency, everyone is in the same boat, working from home for the first time. Barriers break down instantly when you’re on a video call as you’re essentially looking straight into someone’s home!”

Ryley, Junior Designer: joined us Day 235 of Lockdown

“Moving across the country to start a new job was always going to be daunting, but doing it during a pandemic has been quite the challenge to say the least! But as weird and unique as this situation is, I’m really enjoying myself so far. The whole team has been amazing from the start, regularly checking in to make sure I’m doing alright, not to mention providing a substantial list of all the local food spots I need to try.

That being said, I’m really excited for lockdown to end and for my new normal to begin. Bring on real life conversations – ones that won’t start with ‘you’re on mute mate’.”

While it’s safe to say that working from home isn’t always easy, if this year has taught us anything it’s that in lots of ways it’s brought out the best in us as a team. Simple changes like using Google Chat to set up virtual project rooms and investing in laptops and monitors for our designers have made it possible for everyone to work more flexibly and this will last long-term.

Sure, we can’t wait to get back to after work beers and studio socials, but right now as a team, we’ve never been stronger.