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22 August 2019

Hang Loose

1 2 Vocation Hang Loose Close Up 1

Out this week is our latest project for Vocation Brewery. We designed the can and a social activation for their collaboration with fellow northern brewers, Magic Rock. A match made in brewing heaven, the leaders in craft came together to create a flavourful West Coast IPA.

Our design for the can pulls from the hop-forward full flavour beers that took the West Coast of America by storm in the early 90s. An era when US surf culture broke the maintstream with California at its epicentre. The can emanates the classic tie-dye t-shirts worn at the time.

2 Vocation Hang Loose Line Up

The same piece of tie-dye was used to create multiple artworks for the final print run. Giving the cans collectability and linking to the unpredictable tie-dye process. We also used a tactile varnish that gives the label the feel of a t-shirt.

1 1 Vocation Hang Loose Bop
1 3 Vocation Hang Loose Close Up 2
1 2 Vocation Hang Loose Close Up 1

To celebrate the collaboration, we initiated an Instagram giveaway that meant Magic Rock's, Vocation's and our followers could be in with a chance of winning a case of beer and a limited-edition t-shirt, which was actually scanned for the basis of the design.

Check out the competition here: Hang Loose Giveaway!

Ends on Monday the 26th!

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