‘Have a Merry Christmas!’ from all of us at Robot Food

‘Have a Merry Christmas!’ from all of us at Robot Food

18 December 2017

When endless strings of fairy lights have been detangled and the present panic has subsided, being able to spend the holiday season with those who matter most makes the stress all the worthwhile. So this Christmas (with the spirit of togetherness in mind) we wanted to give our friends and clients a festive gift to share and celebrate with. And what better way to celebrate than with a bottle of fizz?

Never ones to follow tradition, we forwent the usual festive cues to bring a more personal touch to the bottles’ design. Each and every member of the team was assigned a letter to design (or art direct) with the simple brief, ‘make it yours’. Individually, every bottle is a unique design that speaks to the character of its creator but together shares a festive message from the team in an eclectic collection of taste and style.

Award-winning vineyard, Halfpenny Green were good enough to supply us with their delicious English sparkling wine – made in the traditional ‘Champagne’ method and a true challenger to its French counterpart. We used shrink sleeves, digitally printed by Berkshire Labels on HP Indigo presses and applied to bottles by A&S Packing on a steam shrinking line. The bottles were then taken back to Halfpenny Green where the foil tops were applied before we put a hand finished touch on the bottles with the ‘RF’ logo neck tag.

“We’re a team of different tastes and styles, different talents and specialities. As good as we are individually, we’re at our best when we work together. Our collection of 20 bottles has been created by 20 individuals – each letter designed by a different member of our team. Together we hope you ‘Have a Merry Christmas!”