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14 May 2024

I scream, you scream…

Co op Header

We all scream for ice cream!

We’ve once again partnered with Co-op on another packaging revamp. This time for their extensive selection of ice creams, including tubs, cones, lollies, froyo, sorbets and more.

A lot has changed for Co-op since their previous ice creams hit shelves circa 2016. And yet the design had been frozen in time. They needed a new look and feel that would serve playfulness and indulgence in abundance, while appealing to a wide range of customers and following their new master brand packaging design system.

We whipped up 6 new identities, each one with its own personality that amplified the USP of the range. And applied the ‘graphic split’ outlined in Co-op’s new packaging system to create a common thread across all ranges.

Freezer Favourites 2
Freezer Favourites 1 v2
Co op Freezer Favourites 3

We dubbed each of Co-op’s entry-level ices a ‘Freezer Favourite’ to reflect the classic nature of a strawberry cone or a scoop of vanilla soft serve. We created a fun and treat-worthy look and feel that still felt everyday, using bold colours and eye-catching tessellating patterns from the products themselves to create a smile on shelf.

For the more premium tubs, we used swirly type to create a sensorial feel that reflects the rippled look of the ice creams, paired with expressive messaging to ramp up the indulgence.

Co op Premium tubs 1
Co op Premium tubs 2

When it came to cones, we used expressive ingredient cameos to intensify flavour appeal and created a ‘biscuity’ textured background to mimic the waffle cone. And of course, showcased everyone’s favourite bit – the last chocolatey bite.

Co op Cones

With lollies, we made the product the star of the story. Made for children, we adopted a more illustrative approach, with energetic and playful descriptors to instantly grab attention from the freezer. Careful not to appear too artificial, we used modern natural textures to create a treat any health-conscious parent would be happy to buy.

Co op Kids

And for Dipped, the most luxurious of the ranges, we used a faceted graphic pattern to symbolise the chocolate layer cracking over the creamy ice cream.

You’ll find all of these treats on Co-op shelves now!

Co op Dipped