I'm Buggin' it

I'm Buggin' it

29 July 2019

We hope subscribers of The Drum weren’t tucking into their lunch at the time of this month’s arrival! For the latest issue, ‘The Future of Food’, we were asked to design a cover that explored the topics within and we aimed to turn heads (although perhaps ended up turning stomachs).

Our design parodies McDonald’s iconic advertising style and copy line, serving up sustainable protein in the form of an insect-based patty. Bug Mac and chirps anyone…?

We were told there would be articles exploring how US fast food giants are adapting to appeal to Chinese tastes and the marketing questions surrounding non-food like Huel. The issue also touches on the continuous growth of the frozen food market which is said to be outperforming ambient and chilled. So, we were given plenty to go on when it came to creating concepts for the cover.

Drawing from what we know from previous and current projects, the team explored a number of different concepts before landing on ‘The Bug Mac’. We looked at…

N Drum2

Inspired by many of the team jumping on the ultra convenience food trends like Huel, this route shows the evolution of the family meal. An albeit pessimistic and thought provoking look at how our never-ending push for the perfect convenience food could shape the future of family dinners.

N Drum3

Jobless cows, a tongue-in-cheek side effect of a meatless future. The execution plays on the 1978 conservative party’s campaign poster but shows cows lining up for the dole office.

N Drum5

Pouched foods, another satirical look into our convenience driven food future where supermarket shelves are stocked with rows of silver pouches – your favourite meals in powder form.

N Drum6

Fruit salad kit, a look at how functionality and sustainability is shaping our food future, a cover inspired by the ‘easy to use’ Airfix kits of the past.

The Drum 3200X2000

Ultimately, ‘I’m buggin' it’ was chosen, and with help of long-time collaborator, photographer, Angus McDonald (yes, really) we styled and shot the most delicious bug burger that we possibly could.

If you fancy snapping up an issue for yourself you can find them here. In the mag there's also a thought from Simon on the future of food after his recent trip to New York for the fancy food show.

Thanks to The Drum for asking us to take part in such a fun project!