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01 April 2020

Innovatr™ Innovating Innovation

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Everyone is on the lookout for the next breakthrough in innovation – that killer idea that revolutionises the consumer landscape. That new product that changes the way we live. The problem? The innovation process is less than pragmatic. Finding that opportunity no one else has spotted before is often laborious, complicated and time consuming. It strains resource and stretches budgets.

So, who innovates innovation? We have the answer to this perpetual problem. Introducing Innovatr™, a tool that gives you forward-thinking solutions to consumer challenges – at just the click of a button.

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Launched today, brands, entrepreneurs and agency peers now have unparalleled access to the latest in innovation technology, an algorithm that combines biometrics with in depth human insight to deliver bespoke solutions.

Our Founder, Simon, said: “We saw the need for something more pragmatic. Something that could consistently deliver authentic solutions to modern problems. We wanted to see what would happen when you pull contemporary mindsets together with progressive capabilities.”

Innovatr™ Director, Zoe, added: “Innovatr™ is what the future focussed businesses of 2020 need. A new generation of forward-thinking creatives that recognise and address the inherent inefficiencies of the innovation landscape.”

With Innovatr™, businesses are now the welcome receivers of ideas that shake up their sector, future-proof their output and provide opportunities to target hard-to-reach audiences through modernistic and experiential touchpoints.

From climate friendly streetwear for wellness warriors to lab grown make-up for upper class teens – the algorithm synthesises a plethora of consumer insight to offer endless possibilities for innovation.

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Charles Springer, CEO of vegetarian pet food brand VegiTails said:

“Robot Food’s algorithm has transformed the vision for our business. We’ve been searching for a way to really take the lead in our sector, and having instant access to the latest in innovation has helped us do just that. Now we can easily stay ahead of the curve and generate authentic solutions to the challenges the modern-day canine is facing”.

Our revolutionary new technology has already sparked innovations everywhere. Discover your instant innovation at: