Invest in Awesome

Invest in Awesome

07 August 2018

Our friends and long term clients at Awesome Merchandise are going truly global and we’re pumped to be helping them on their way.

Awesome make Awesome merch for Awesome people, e.g. anyone who wants to get creative and get noticed. They are crowdfunding to grow their already profitable business, with aims to speed up roll out across the USA and Europe - pretty awesome right?

Collaborating with the team we put together their crowdfunding video and a pitch document, all off the back of a brand refresh which is currently rolling out.

Awesome’s message resonates with us, they make it effortless for anyone to be awesome, and even better, they do it all from Leeds!

Check out the video and their Crowdcube page here:


We’re excited and to show our support were one of their first investors!