Making Frozen Cool Again

Making Frozen Cool Again

09 February 2018

Gourmade is a new 'frozen from fresh' ready meal brand set to take freezers into the 21st century. Frozen food has plenty going for it and is a category on the rise. Viewed as wholesome with low waste appeal, consumer demand is there but there but the brands are not. Enter brand owners Jo and Glenn Devenish. After identifying a need for frozen food of exceptional quality and greater value, they bought a small frozen ready meal company and asked us to help create their new brand.

Looking at the frozen category, it was clear that there was an ideal opportunity to shake things up in an aisle of frosted over freezers, awash with the dark and muted tones of premium products and sameness of 'me-too' brands. For us, it was about taking out the compromise and injecting some excitement and impact.

Frozen's main advantage is its convenience. After hearing Jo's story of spending hours in the kitchen cooking healthy, homecooked meals for her family (which were ultimately devoured in about 15 mins), our strategy was to empower people to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life. From this we created the name 'Gourmade', developed the mission and strapline 'Live More. Cook Less', and designed a joyful brand identity packed with warmth, personality and homemade appeal.

Brightly coloured packs shout loud and clear with a friendly tone of voice that chats about the benefits of locked-in goodness, quality and not being a slave to the stove! We created a hand-written font so that it looks as though you yourself have cooked and hand-labelled then food. 'Frozen from fresh' labels on each pack are randomly placed with stickers for an extra home-cooked feel.

We also helped create a bespoke pack format where the inspiration starts as soon as you pick up the box. A top flap lifts to reveal delicious foodie photography and personalised serving suggestions from Jo herself.

Launching now, you can find Gourmade's range of main meals, sides and desserts in Budgen's, Simply Fresh and Spar, with more retailers in the UK and further afield soon to follow.

(You can also keep an eye out for Gourmade's comms and intuitive new e-commerce website, designed by us, coming soon!)