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31 July 2019

Pool Party – Vocation's Limited Edition 7/12

Vocation Pool Party 3200X2000Px 0000 Rising Sun Front

Can you tell we were in a holiday headspace when we designed Vocation Brewery's August special?

Vocation Pool Party 3200X2000Px 0002 Rising Sun Main

A fresh and citrusy sour, Vocation's latest brew screamed summer to us, so we designed can that invites you to dive in. The gently kettle soured tangtastic beer received an abstract and eye-catching illustration and a back of pack description that reads like an invitation to the coolest pool party of the summer.

Vocation Pool Party 3200X2000Px 0001 Rising Sun Back
Vocation Pool Party 3200X2000Px 0000 Rising Sun Front

Grab one for yourself here.