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16 May 2019

Punk AF

Brewdog Punk Af Master Assets 3200X2000 Website 2

As the importance of health and well-being grows, so does the amount of people passing up alcohol. The alcohol-free drinks market is growing, from Kombucha to non-alcoholic spirits like Seedlip, 'not drinking' is becoming more socially acceptable than ever before.

Earlier this year, BrewDog enlisted our help to show you don’t need alcohol to be Punk AF and asked us to design a pack for their new beer that includes all of the punk without inflicting any of the hangover. Punk AF, is a low ABV version of BrewDog’s flagship beer Punk IPA, the very beer that brought the brand to fame. The new beer boasts massive flavour, brewed with eight different hops in a bid to prove alcohol free doesn’t always mean taste free.

Brewdog Punk Af Master Assets 1592X2000 Website 3
2.0.Brewdog Punk Af Master Assets 3200X2000 Website 1

We designed the cans to be proudly part of the pack but clearly different from core. We inverted the colours of BrewDog’s signature Punk IPA, adding a lightning bolt pattern that communicates BrewDog’s powerful point of difference in a new way.

Brewdog Punk Af Master Assets 3200X2000 Website 2