Risotto: Grossman Style

Risotto: Grossman Style

19 July 2018


Risotto is a dish best served simple. While the Italian comfort staple is a beloved favourite of the British public – it also has its place as the subject of many a kitchen disaster story.

It was for this reason that, when Premier Foods and Loyd Grossman spotted a gap in the market for an Italian meal kit, they chose to create a range of three two-step, done-in-20-minutes, classic risottos to resonate with those looking for quality and convenience.

After working with Premier and Grossman on their premium cooking sauce pouches, we were asked to design a kit proposition that felt premium, ‘recognisably Loyd’ and clearly communicated the ease of the products.

We aimed for an aesthetic that felt modern, foodie and stood out with an understated confidence on shelf. Most of all, we wanted the experience of the kit to feel interactive and so focussed on the pack format, creating a unique cutter that incorporated a ‘lift to reveal’ flap with further serving tips to be discovered underneath.

Easy, delicious and perfect every time. Buon Appetito!