26 September 2018

3 days in Amsterdam meant 3 things for the Robot Food team – bikes, beers and well, a lot of rain. Remarkably we managed to return with just one sprained ankle, a few colds and lots of, somewhat fuzzy, mems.

The rather ridiculous weather meant the plan of stomping around exhibitions turned into stomping into the nearest café and/or pub. Separated by rain, thirst and hunger but united (somehow) by the need to tick off ‘culture’, our group of 20 all managed to wander around Moco to view their current Banksy exhibition.

On reflection, it was a strange move to attend an exhibition for someone who thinks a museum is a bad place to look at art. We quite literally 'exited through the gift shop', which was undeniably full of tat that was completely unaffiliated with the artist.

We all know of the aloof street graffiti master turned superstar political activist, so paying 15 euros for something that we could have gone to see on the side of a building seemed a bit silly. More baffling were the chunks of spray-painted wall that had been extracted from their natural, anti-capitalist habitats, their rough edges filed down to fit into fancy frames.

With the museum visit leaving us a little uninspired we went searching for the real Amsterdam and found local hangouts with a bit of history much more satisfying. Forgoing the Heineken brewery (that doesn’t actually brew anything) for something a little more authentic, we visited Brouwerij’t ij, a windmill-cum-brewery and drank lots of 8% beer.

The last day saw us arcade gaming at Puck, a bar with a beautiful colour scheme, delicious fusion food and lots of 90s games (dance mats and all) - a hangover’s dream.

Just before the flight home we squeezed in a dreamy canal cruise where we were taught, without much explanation, about Amsterdam’s wonky architecture and decorative gables which are still used to lift big things up to the top most floors.

Another fantastic team trip, with thanks to Jess and Si for organising! We all owe them a pint (when we’re feeling more human).