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04 November 2021

Sacla' Goes Organic

Sacla Main 3200x2000px copy

Hey presto, it's pesto! Sacla’s new ‘Rooted in Nature’ range is now out in the world.

Sacla’ had a vision to become the go-to organic choice for Italian sauces, pesto and extras in the UK. And as they only use the best quality all-natural Italian ingredients, this goal was firmly within reach.

They tasked us with a brief to help them stand out from all the other organic offerings on the market with an emotionally engaging sub brand. One that would hero their heritage and offer plenty of opportunity for a rich brand narrative.

Sacla Main 3200x2000px copy

So we focused on what organic means to Sacla', choosing the sub brand name ‘Rooted in Nature’ to reflect their commitment to gathering the freshest, natural ingredients – as well as their authentic Italian roots.

Sacla CS Main Pink 2000x2000px
Sacla CS Main Blue 2000x2000px

Visually, they were after timeless sophistication, not a nostalgia trip. So for the design, we steered clear of the classic greens and reds. Instead opting for cool pastel colours with contrasting traditional illustrations for a more contemporary, deli feel.

Sacla Illustrations Yellow 1
Sacla Illustrations Pink 1
Sacla Illustrations Blue 1

We added a ‘Made in Italy’ copper foil stamp to bring a touch of trusted heritage without forcing it. And chose a tactile stock to help justify the more premium price point.

Sacla BOP 1592x2000px
Sacla Story 1592x2000px

You can find Sacla’s Rooted in Nature range on shelves now.