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27 August 2019

Sibling Rivalry – Vocation's Limited Edition 8/12

Vocation Pool Party 3200X2000Px 0000 Sibling Rivalry Front

Vocation's 8th monthly special is a Southern Hemisphere IPA brewed from both juicy Australian and bitter New Zealand hops, which, when brought together make for a lip-smacking mouthful of trouble.

We decided to celebrate the deep rooted rivalry of these sporting nations and developed the concept of 'Sibling Rivalry', roping in epic illustrator and craft beer super-fan David Hill, who's Instagram feed we've enjoyed for a while.

Vocation Pool Party 3200X2000Px 0002 Sibling Rivalry Main

Dave turned his passion for craft beer into a long-term project that combines photography with illustration to create characters and stories around his favourite craft beer bottles and cans. His detailed, entertaining style was perfect for this design and his Instagram is well worth checking out at The Craft Diaries.

When we contacted Dave to let him know we had the perfect label to commission him for, he jumped at the chance, turning around the illustration in the day before his wedding. Now that's a commitment to craft!

You can buy Sibling Rivalry in bottle shops or direct from Vocation here.

Vocation Pool Party 3200X2000Px 0001 Sibling Rivalry Back
Vocation Pool Party 3200X2000Px 0000 Sibling Rivalry Front