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04 December 2019

Taste you can trust

Welovecake 3200X2000Px 0001

Following the success of Bells & Whistles, Bells of Lazonby asked for our help to revamp their deliciously free-from brand, We Love Cake. Already a successful brand in the food service sector but lacking the impact to really stand out from the crowd in retail, We Love Cake needed a new look that lived up to its name.

Welovecake 3200X2000Px 0002

Free from cake still lacks brand excitement and is much too focused on the functional aspect of what they ‘do not contain’. For most, cake instead delivers a more emotional quality and We Love Cake aims to bring the everyday excitement currently missing from the category.

Welovecake 3200X2000Px 0003

With a vibrant, clashing colour palette, playful tone of voice and a custom drawn logotype, We Love Cake now shouts loud and proud from supermarket shelves as a beacon for treat lovers everywhere.

Welovecake 3200X2000Px 0004

We Love Cake Double Chocolate Brownies are available in selected Co-op stores across the UK.

Welovecake 3200X2000Px 0005