The new spritz with a can-do attitude

The new spritz with a can-do attitude

09 July 2019

When AB InBev’s innovation arm ZX Ventures came to us with a juicy proposition, a new RTD Italian white wine and blood orange spritz, we took a new approach. We chose to design a brand world much bigger than packaging, a world that heroes the consumer instead of the product.

Research (and a bit of Instagram trawling) identified the Sabella drinker as self-assured, spontaneous and independent; we knew this person couldn’t be ruled by a canned drink. We created the Sabella brand to capture an attitude and act as a voice of encouragement that facilitates moments to remember. For Sabella, the person holding the can is what makes the moment – Sabella just makes it delicious.

Design Director Steph has said on the project “Through workshops we dug into what our consumers are engaging with and devised a brand world to fit into their lives. While many beverage brands dictate the time, place and experience of their product, we chose to open things up and put the consumer in control of curating their own experience.”

Sabella Case Study Web Assets 3200X2000 0000 Sabella Case Study 01

The can embodies the confidence of Sabella’s consumers, beginning with a design that’s bold and unapologetic in its shelf and bar standout, with a hand script wordmark that brings a personable touch. We went on to devise the strapline ‘In Your Hands,’ which weaves itself through all brand touchpoints. From copy lines to on-trade activations Sabella constantly puts the power back into the drinkers’ hands, providing them with messaging to get behind, not rules to live by.

An example of this was tackling the stigma against canned drinks head on, we decided to embrace the portable aspect of the can. Utilising the ‘In Your Hands’ messaging we leveraged the endless possibilities of this on-the-go format, by developing a series of well-known scenarios where either option is a good option.

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Positioning Sabella as the new drink with a can-do attitude, we went against stagnant and traditional wine cues and gave this spritz with a difference it’s very own sense of occasion – any occasion.

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Photo creds to Mark Locke who took the top photo. And a big shoutout to pink gin lady, an inspiration to us all.