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18 December 2018

Three kingly gifts

1 Rf Xmas Promo 2018

However much we love the classic Christmas crafts we decided to do it our way this year with the craftiest gift of them all – craft beer.

Bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh it is told three kings followed a star that led to a prophecy. This year we had our own epiphany – to brew a gift in collaboration with our friends at Northern Monk.

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Off the back of helping the guys with their Crowdcube campaign (smashing its target and raising £1.5 mill in just a couple of weeks) and with some exciting new work for the brewery to be released in the new year, we felt it a match made in heaven.

So off we went, quite literally nipping across the road, donning our brewing caps and buddying up with the wise monks who helped us brew three beers in dedication to each kingly gift.

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Each can illustration pulls from the mythical legends behind the kings’ stories. Melchior, carrying Gold, traverses the glistening desert plains of Arabia. Caspar begins his journey in the ancient city of Tarsus carrying Frankincense through its sunlit streets. While Myrrh is sourced from the mountainous regions of East Africa by Balthasar.

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A huge shout out to the Northern Monk team, a pleasure to work with as always, and a big thanks to who brought the beautiful foiled labels to life.

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