Vocation Barrel Aged Series

Vocation Barrel Aged Series

22 September 2020

Introducing Vocation's Barrel Aged Series. Released in twos, each pair of punchy stouts are made from the same brew, then aged separately to give them their own unique, complex flavour. With the lengthy brewing process so integral to this series, it seemed only fair to big up the barrels they’re made in.

Vocation Barrel Aged Cs Main 3200X2000

So, we chose to take a minimalist approach to the design, using oak imagery for a natural, crafted feel that amplifies the artistry and patience that comes with creating these beers.

Vocation Barrel Aged Cs Bop 3200X2000

A clever concept and extremely delicious, each pair launched in various drops that, understandably, sold out pretty sharpish. Hopefully you were quick enough to get your hands on some!