What the heck is Project Disrupt?

What the heck is Project Disrupt?

23 October 2017

Boredom, as our parents used to say, is just a lack of imagination. And while this adage may well have been a ‘get-rid’ ploy, its truth is something that has stuck with us all these years.

We took five days to tackle three stale categories - each one in need of a wake-up call and prime for some disruption.

Going head to head, three Robot Food teams: ‘The Brie Amigos’, ‘Smell of Success’ and ‘Hot Wash’ put cheese, air fresheners and laundry detergent under the microscope to rethink each category and create a brand that would be relevant and exciting to modern consumers.

Intrigued? Watch the trailer for Project Disrupt below and vote for your favourite concept at www.project-disrupt.com