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We partner with brands of all sectors and sizes to help them find their voice, make an impact and build a lasting connection with their audience.

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Wherever you are in the world, if you’ve got a brand challenge, we’d love to help.

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Creating lasting impact

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What we do:

  • Naming
  • Brand Guardianship
  • NPD & Range Extensions
  • Seasonal & Ltd Editions
  • Range Refreshes
  • Brand Evolution

Get it first time, every time

Stuck in a creative loop with your current agency? Craving unexpected ideas and untapped market insights? Need a creative partner that will turn your briefs into lasting impact for your brand at the first attempt?

Commercial creative, delivered at speed

We're a global brand design consultancy with 15-years’ experience. From inception to delivery, we build no-brainer, can't-live-without brands of every size, in every industry.

We’re your reliable creative partner for all aspects of brand management: from seizing NPD opportunities, introducing seasonal variations, expanding product lines, crafting imaginative brand worlds, or advancing masterbrands with new thinking.

We’re a team you can trust with your history, and to point you towards the future.

You don’t have the luxury of getting it wrong.

Getting it right first time, every time, makes us a cost-effective brand partner.

01. Strategically Minded

Our commitment to strategic decision-making means we understand where the market is headed, and how your brand needs to adapt to meet it. It means you get real, practical strategy and brand guidelines you can use, and reasoned rationale sits behind every choice we make and every decision you take.

Need a strategy with real outputs? Let’s talk.

Carlsberg Group | 2017 - Present

Refreshing established favourites for a new generation with greater impact and clarity. A strategic eye, and clear design systems brings sense and structure to NPD, range refreshes and future line extensions.

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“If you want a progressive agency partner with a global perspective, Robot Food are it. From Brooklyn or Copenhagen to Leeds, the team doesn’t let distance get in the way. They listen to us, challenge us and make navigating our complex processes look easy.”

Peter Barwick
Global Head of Design — Carlsberg Group

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02. Commercially Creative

We know every brand problem to fix is a commercial opportunity to maximise. And we've mastered the art of developing commercial creative from these untapped and often overlooked opportunities. For you, this means more than just unexpected ideas; it means deeper audience engagement, profitable growth, and lasting brand impact.

Want to explore untapped opportunities? Get in touch.

John West | 2017 - Present

Breathing new life into a brand classic. NPD, portfolio planning, range refreshes and line extensions have built relevance and connected with new customers.

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“I’ve been working with Robot Food for several years now. They bring a level of strategic thinking to the table that’s hard to find elsewhere. What sets them apart is their willingness to challenge back, and we appreciate being pushed on the brief — it always adds a perspective to our projects that we didn’t expect, driving value.”

Jon Burton
Business Unit Director — Thai Union

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03. Relentlessly Committed

We get it. In a world where there's no room for error, we recognise the importance of getting it right first time, every time. So we live our client briefs, and commit to them completely. Not all agencies can. But it’s the only way we know how. It’s how we deliver those unexpected ideas that truly connect with audiences and deliver creative that never fails to work.

Do you have a brief that needs a fast and effective response? Let’s chat.

Sarson’s | 2023 - Present

What started as a call for help to get a new product out of development stagnation, has quickly become an exciting and thriving partnership to modernise one of the country’s most beloved, iconic brands.

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04. Simply Effective

Managing a masterbrand means protecting and respecting the past, and expanding into the future. This is where we apply our ‘simplify to amplify’ approach. It gives you common-sense ideas that quietly disrupt. They might break one or two rules, but will never break your brand. It’s an approach tried and tested on some of the biggest brands in their sectors.

Interested in how you can simplify to amplify? Let us talk you through it.

Cadbury | 2015 - 2022

We took the established masterbrand to build even greater impact, ownability and relevance across range refreshes and extensions, seasonal lines, and NPD.

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05. Positively Flexible

Managing our working relationships is essential to our process. Getting to the heart of your brand means listening, caring, adapting to your needs, and flexing to make sure we’re always working as efficiently as possible. That’s why we’ve always been an approachable, down-to-earth agency partner – one that clients of all sizes forge long-lasting, highly productive relationships with.

Partnering with us is exciting, energising, and easy — because we care about your brand just as much as you do.

Co-op | 2016 - Present

This household name wanted a progressive agency that would push - but not break - boundaries. We’ve worked closely ever since, refreshing ranges and launching new ones, developing new brands and challenging what ‘own label’ means.

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Working with Robot Food for the last eight years has been a total game-changer for us. Their forward-thinking and creative standards not only secures them more projects but, they blow our expectations away every single time. They’re our go-to creative agency.

Brooke Fletcher
Design Manager — Co-op

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