Brooklyn Brewery Brand Evolution / Segmentation Strategy

Refining a global icon


The Brief

We have an iconic brand but need some clarity. Can you fine-tune our identity to help us scale faster across markets, without compromising the creativity and individuality we’re known for?

The Opportunity

In the last 33 years Brooklyn Brewery has grown exponentially – in size, value, global reach, you name it. But this growth has caused complexity, and over time the brand has become cluttered and confused. We saw the opportunity to strengthen this global icon with a consistent, futureproofed design system that would deliver a more impactful brand experience.

We kicked off with an extensive audit of the brand to understand where the difficulties were. And it soon became clear there were a whole host of growing pains, across both their local and international touchpoints.

Brooklyn Brewery Audit Capture

Adding new formats and SKUs for new markets had watered down the identity and it was full of inconsistencies, with multiple brand marks and treatments in play and no real clarity on what the ‘master’ brand should look like.

We consolidated the various iterations of the brand mark, as this had featured differently on every beer type and pack format, to simplify the identity and create a consistent brand imprint that’s proudly and recognisably Brooklyn Brewery — working with renowned typographer Rob Clarke to strengthen and clarify the letterforms.

5 Brooklyn B Brooklyn CS 2000x2000px 4 Brooklyn Logo Brooklyn CS 2000x2000px

“Brooklyn’s iconic logo, created by US design legend Milton Glaser, is integral to the brand’s history, so it was important we keep the essence of it there, whilst making the necessary changes to build a bolder brand imprint.”

Ben Brears, Creative Director

Alongside strengthening the typography for clarity across all formats, we developed clear and systematic design principles, to make the brand easier to spot and the beers easier to shop.

Background compressed

Creating clear rules for logos, typefaces and colours, meant we could playfully express each beer’s distinct personality, whilst heroing the Brooklyn master brand.

11 Brooklyn Bottle Caustics Summer Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 12 Brooklyn Bottle Caustics East IPA Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 13 Brooklyn Bottle Caustics Bel Aire Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 14 Brooklyn Bottle Caustics Special Effects Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 15 Brooklyn Bottle Caustics Defender Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px
9 Summer Can in Pool Brooklyn CS 1592x2000px 10 Brooklyn Special Effects IPA Can Composition Brooklyn CS 1592x2000px 7 Defender 6 Pack Composition Brooklyn CS 1592x2000px 8 Bel Air 6 Pack Composition Brooklyn CS 1592x2000px
6 East IPA 6 Pack Composition Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px

The design is now unified across multipacks and all their other key sales formats for better recognition and shelf stand out.

19 Brooklyn 6 Packs Flatlay Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 18 Brooklyn 4 Pack Wall Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px

“Brooklyn’s brand assets were being used in different ways across different touchpoints, making it difficult for consumers to join the dots and recognise the brand instantly. This was creating a huge commercial barrier to sales, so it was our ambition from the start to create a united identity where all brand communications sing off the same hymn sheet.”

Dave Timothy, Managing Director
20 Brooklyn Collab System Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px

We equipped Brooklyn with a clear template for limited release brews to build excitement and add a feeling of collectibility, whilst maintaining a strong sense of identity.

21 Brooklyn 16 oz Specials Black Ops Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 22 Brooklyn 16 oz Specials Blast Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 23 Brooklyn 16 oz Specials Nothing But Net Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 24 Brooklyn 16 oz Specials Double Exposure Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px 25 Brooklyn 16 oz Specials Butterfly Photobomb Brooklyn CS 3200x2000px
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