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Bulk Powders Brand Articulation / Brand Evolution / Segmentation Strategy

Delivering performance


The Brief

The supplements market is moving more lifestyle, take us from a brand bought on price point to a brand in demand.

The Opportunity

Looking beyond what was happening in supplements to the semiotics of brands that resonate with the target market, we created something that felt relevant in a way that needed no explanation. Over our five year partnership, we’ve been able to grow the brand from a commodity to a fully-fledged icon that keeps its relevance in the eyes of its consumers.

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We created a brand that inspired a clean slate and progression to be a 'better you'.

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The Result:

From £2M to £50M annual sales in 5 years

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We implemented clear tiering and range segmentation through colour.

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14 Bp Completelifestyle

For the Active Foods range we carefully balanced food cues with functionality.

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1 Wmn Bulk Powders Lineup

We created the WMN subrange to have strength in it's own right but remaining iconically bulk, utilising the icon to stay away from 'girly' cliches and move towards edge and attitude.

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