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Leading not following

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Guardianship

The Brief

We’re a big hit amongst avid gym goers and fitness fanatics but we want to broaden our appeal and be a more inclusive brand for all. Oh, and we’re dropping ‘Powders’ from our name. Can you help?

The Insight

More people are recognising the important role fitness and nutrition plays in their lives. But in a category saturated with buff bodies, complicated claims and heavy discounts, it can be hard to know where to start and who to trust.

The idea

Lead don’t follow. Elevate the newly-named Bulk from perceived commodity to an aspirational lifestyle brand for any goal and every body.

01 Bulk Rebrand Logo 01

To build a more inclusive, lifestyle brand we needed to soften the connotations of the word ‘bulk’. So we created a new lowercase wordmark, taking inspiration from the previous logo to craft the curves and contours of each letter.

03 Bulk Rebrand Logo 03
02 Bulk Rebrand Logo 02
08 Bulk Rebrand Range V2

Alongside the wordmark we created a new font suite, Bulk Sans. The technical cuts font add an ownable edge to the identity and bolster the new confident and motivational tone of voice.

04 Bulk Rebrand Typeface

The biggest challenge was to broaden Bulk’s appeal without alienating its core audience of gym enthusiasts. We found that what united these two audiences was the importance of the fitness ‘journey’ – so we positioned the brand as an integral part of that journey.

05 Bulk Rebrand Manifesto V2

From this came a strong reason to believe; that no matter who you are, if you have a goal, Bulk will help you achieve it.

06 Bulk Rebrand Mission
07 Bulk Rebrand Statement

The packaging needed to reduce any feeling of intimidation for the consumer, whilst making Bulk’s huge product range easier to shop. So we opted for a less is more approach (inspired by contemporary health and beauty brands) to pull Bulk apart from competitors and offer enough flexibility to clearly differentiate the ranges.

10 Bulk Rebrand Range Kitchen
11 Bulk Rebrand Kitchen 01
12 Bulk Rebrand Kitchen 02
13 Bulk Rebrand Corerange
14 Bulk Rebrand Prorange
15 Bulk Rebrand Veganrange

“Off-pack the brand needed to work even harder to transform Bulk from just another product, to a compelling, aspirational lifestyle. Realistic, gritty photography celebrates the passion and determination that comes with achieving a personal fitness goal, whilst motivational messaging empowers consumers to be the best they can be.”

Creative Director

RF Portraits 2022 Ben
16 Bulk Rebrand Billboard
17 Bulk Rebrand Pro Poster
18 Bulk Rebrand Pro Athlete
19 Bulk Rebrand Guidelines
20 Bulk Rebrand Previous Design