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Adding personality


The Brief

Put some joy back into our brand and put us back in growth.

The Opportunity

Own label wannabes could try and compete on cake alone but could never take on the joy of Cadbury. Building on the brand proposition, we first injected some serious personality back into lunch box headliner, Mini Rolls. For our encore: the loud, proud, treat yourself, treat your friends moment that is Amaze Bites.

Minirolls 000 Cover

We capitalised on the speech mark shape, created by the swirl filling, to develop our positioning, 'with BIG personality'.

Minirolls 003 Milk Minirolls 004 Raspberry Minirolls 005 Orange Minirolls 006 Banana

Bringing the brand (and the rolls) to life, exclamations of personality-filled copy give packs literal shelf shout. Inside the packs the individual wrappers continue the fun.

Minirolls Marshmellow Minirolls Honeycomb Minirolls Hazelnut

The Result:

Sales up £8m in 18 months

Amazebites 0002 Group

We worked on sub-brand Amaze Bites from scratch, working on each step from NPD sketch to name generation.

Amazebites 0003 Choc Amazebites 0004 Orange Amazebites 0005 Mint

Unmissable typography and a bold tone of voice was used for maximum shelf stand out.

Amazebites 0006 Lids

The Result:

£7m RSV in first 12 months

Cadbury Halloween 2015 Pages 3200 X 2000 Broom Cadbury Seasonal Cakes Pumpkin

We've also worked extensively with the Cadbury team to design and develop an array of joyful seasonal products.

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