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Food first. Future focussed.


The Brief

Help us take a bite out of the £1bn vegan market with a new brand to cater to the growing appetite for plant-based food and the convenience shopper in mind.

The Opportunity

Own-brand meat-free had set a worthy precedent but Co-op were perfectly placed to shatter expectations with a pioneering new direction for their own plant-based offering. Our approach was a compelling stand-alone brand, proudly endorsed by Co-op, that not only enticed the most committed of vegans and vegan-ish alike with a food first attitude, but could stand confidently amongst the most emergent of challenger plant-based brands.

GRO's positioning puts good food at the forefront - no fakes or substitutes. We wanted an optimistic name that would capture this sentiment, nodding to Co-op's pioneering spirit and the ranges' plant-based roots.

Our bold and vibrant creative direction took inspiration from the digital graphic style of contemporary food delivery services, as well as cultural foodie influences from across the world.

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Multiple products, formats and locations in store meant convenience and stand-out was key. A distinct identity and architecture creates a strong visual impact whether it's a singular product or a dedicated merchandised area.

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Gro's photography style looks to signal a bold, new future for plant-based food. Taking inspiration from the vibrancy of natural ingredients, colour plays a huge role in visualising contemporary flavours. No muted earth tones in sight.

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Gro is no alternative. A celebratory tone of voice aims to inspire hungry shoppers with expressive language, championing ingredients, flavours and textures.

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