Coop 01 Group

Co-op Defining Opportunity / Brand Evolution

Making own brand, brand proud


The Brief

Our product is as good as the big brands but we appear like a second best. We want to be a pioneering retailer that doesn't follow the herd.

The Opportunity

With the rise of the budget retailers, the barriers to own brand are being shut down by savvy shoppers seeing through the brand sheen and spotting quality when they taste it. We broke the rules of the apologetic approach to own brand design and applied some brand pride to allow the product to stand tall and stand out on shelf.

Coop 02 Whitespirits

From vodka to wheat bier, Co-op's Beers, Ciders and Spirits range now heroes the brand, celebrating the individuality of each product in an eclectic but cohesive collection.

Coop 03 Darkspirits Coop 04 Rumpattern

The Result:

Sales up 21% Year-on-year

Coop 06 Cans

A fixed colour palette and silver Co-op brand mark unified the range, and allowed the freedom for different graphic expressions on a product-by-product basis.

Expressive typography and impactful graphics then create an ownable look for each product while still remaining distinctly Co-op.

Coop 09 Bavarian Coop 10 Czech
Coop 11 Cider
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