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Bouncing with pride

1 Coop Baby3200X2000

What we did:

  • Creative Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity

The Brief

Give our customers a credible own-label alternative and encourage new parents to shop the range as their little ones grow.

The Insight

The majority of new parents are millennials, yet most brands haven’t changed much since these parents were in nappies themselves. This audience doesn’t resonate with the sanitised, unattainable ideal of ‘perfection’ that most of these brands project, as it doesn’t reflect their experience of parenthood

The idea

Bounce back with a fresh take on baby care that focuses on the reality of parenting.

We focussed our strategy on the realities of being a parent, sparking an emotional connection with the audience by celebrating the joyful (and not so joyful) moments that come with parenting.

2 Coop Baby3200X2000

Forget the airbrushed smiling babies. Instead we chose age suggestive, storybook style illustrations to offer something totally different to the baby care category.

4 Coop Baby 1592X2000
3 Coop Baby3200X2000
4 Coop Baby3200X2000

Matching the playful visuals, we wrote rhyming product descriptors to bring more of the storybook feel to life in a way that’s unique to Co-op.

7 Coop Baby3200X2000

“We wanted to be on the same side as mum or dad. A lot of us are new parents as well and have all felt the pressures that come with the role. The last thing we wanted to do was project this unrealistic expectation of ‘perfect parenting’ – the category needed a wake-up call.”

Senior Designer

RF Portraits 2022 Jules
11 Coop Baby3200X2000
12 Coop Baby3200X2000
5 Coop Baby3200X2000

We worked with Jim Field, award-winning illustrator of children's titles 'The Lion Inside' and 'Oi Dog', to ditch category cues in favour of characters that appealed to both parents and children.

6 Coop Baby3200X2000
10 Coop Baby3200X2000

And we created a collection of patterns to feature on nappies themselves so they’d look as confident on bottoms as the packs do on shelf.

2 Coop Baby 1592X2000
3 Coop Baby 1592X2000
8 Coop Baby3200X2000
9 Coop Baby3200X2000
10 Coop Babybefore3200X2000

“Playful, clever, effective – the range is absolutely spot-on for what we wanted to achieve. We now have a strong, cohesive, beautiful baby-care range designed for a new generation of parents that’s easy to navigate, and encourages consumers to consider a wider Co-op shop.”

Brooke Fletcher
Design Manager — Co-op