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Waking up the better together

What we did:

  • Creative Strategy
  • Visual Identity

The Brief

Take us from an indie underdog to a multinational leader – without losing who we are.

The Insight

Sugary drinks are a treat. So on the occasion when we do decide to drink them, we want something that really delivers. For Fritz to provide a truly exciting and indulgent experience, they first need to indulge in themselves.

The idea

Turn heads and open eyes. A multinational brand with an independent spirit.

We worked closely with the iconic German challenger on a sensitive evolution of their brand that would sharpen, clarify, and add depth to the identity as they expanded their reach across Europe.

We started by exploring the different ways we could capture Fritz's independent spirit within their identity. Was it the portrait-style illustration, the ethos of the brand, or simply the brand name that resonated across key markets?

Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0012 Fritz Case Study Complete

We also explored whether it was the faces themselves, or just the circular hit of white above the brand name, that audiences connected with — and if this area could be used to communicate the brand's spirit instead.

Fritz portrait exploration

Research favoured the personal touch of the original illustration, so we partnered with a number of illustrators to explore different styles.

Fritz Logo before after 2

The final logo, illustrated by Chris Mitchell, captures the cheeky, approachable nature of the people behind the brand — but dials up the spirit, quality and craftsmanship that makes their drinks so loved.

Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0009 Fritz Case Study Complete
Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0008 Fritz Case Study Complete

To add more depth and storytelling, we explored how bottle messaging could hero the passion and underdog attitude of the people behind Fritz – and their dedication to creating a kola they always wished existed.

Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0007 Fritz Case Study Complete
Fritz CS 2000x2000px
Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0006 Fritz Case Study Complete

Taste is essential to the Fritz experience. So while each range needed its own look and feel, they all had to put flavour first.

Through a new range segmentation strategy, we unified Fritz-Kola under a black imprint, played with vibrant, clashy colours for Fritz-Limo, and incorporated fun, fruity illustrations for Fritz-Spritz.

Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0005 Fritz Case Study Complete
Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0003 Fritz Case Study Complete
Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0002 Fritz Case Study Complete
Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0004 Fritz Case Study Complete
Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0001 Fritz Case Study Complete
Fritz CS 1592x2000px 0001 Fritz Case Study Complete
Fritz CS 1592x2000px 0000 Fritz Case Study Complete

“Having a consistent structure and design hierarchy means that wherever you are in the world, you can always find a Fritz.”

Design Director

RF Portraits 2022 Chris
Fritz CS 3200x2000px 0000 Fritz Case Study Complete

“The new logo has grown to become the heart of our brand, telling the story of friendship, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity - a story that only life can write. Today we take another courageous step forward. By reinventing this logo, we're not simply changing a picture. It is a contemporary illustration, an artistic interpretation of our well-known design.”

Mirco Wolf Wiegert
Founder — Fritz-Kola