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Goldmine Gummies

Joining the gold rush

What we did:

  • Creative Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World

The Brief

We need an ownable brand for our new range of cannabis infused gummies.

The Insight

In California, cannabis edibles are big business. Yet all the brands in the category look the same – either following the cheesy ‘stoner’ tropes or opting for an ‘old fashioned boiled sweet’ style aesthetic in an attempt to seem credible.

The idea

Mine nostalgia and filter through a new lens to meld together fun and function.

2 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0014 Golmine Lock Up

Two teams, six months and eight hours time difference. We worked closely (yet remotely) with the Breez team to create a fun, fresh and inclusive identity for Goldmine Gummies.

4 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0012 Goldmine Pink Hero
5 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0011 Goldmine Yellow Hero
6 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0010 Goldmine Green Hero
7 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0009 Goldmine Purple Hero
8 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0008 Goldmine Orange Hero

This brand was all about intrigue and escapism so, using the name as a springboard, we created a playful narrative thread to run through everything.

“We wanted it to feel like Disneyland for adults.”

Design Director

RF Portraits 2022 Chris

We tapped into the nostalgia of brands we grew up with and loved as kids and reinvented them to suit adults today, encouraging people to find their Goldmine – whatever that means to them.

11 Goldmine CS 1592x2000px 0001 Goldmine CS FOP
10 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0006 Goldmine CS BOP
9 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0007 Goldmine IOP new

The packaging had to deliver the benefits of each gummy in an ownable, yet trusted way that suited the playful nature of the product. So each illustration acts as a visual shortcut to communicate the flavour and sell the benefit in the simplest way possible.

“A big challenge was how we’d bring the energy and fun without looking like a kids’ sweet brand. So we steered clear of creating characters in the traditional sense and instead opted for a more abstract, grown up approach.”

Creative Director

RF Portraits 2022 Wid

Inspired by the world of cosmetics, we created a whole host of branded displays to inject some much-needed excitement into the in-store experience.

15 Goldmine CS 1592x2000px FSDU new
17 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px Goldmine Cart new
16 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px Goldmine Delivery Box new
18 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0002 Goldmine Shop Window
18 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0004 Goldmine Posters new
22 Goldmine CS 1592x2000px 0000 Golmine Skateboard Stickers new
21 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0001 Goldmine Pin Bages Farmer
22 Goldmine CS 3200x2000px 0000 Goldmine T Shirts

We then worked with Hungry Sandwich Club to develop an equally compelling digital experience.

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“I searched for months to find the right creative partner to bring Goldmine to life. Simon and the team just got the idea – they were unafraid to take risks, and worked hand in hand with us to navigate some tough creative and compliance challenges.”

Austin Hice
Cofounder — Goldmine Gummies