Gourmade Defining Opportunity / Brand Creation / Brand Narrative

Making frozen cool


The Brief

We want to be a leader in premium frozen ready meals within 5 years. The frozen food category needs thawing out – make us a brand that's big, bold and unapologetically cool.

The Opportunity

With research showing that baby boomers make up 1/3 of the population and that 96% of them feel ignored and patronised by brands, we put frozen at the top of their shopping lists and created a brand that spoke to the original rebel generation.


A stylishly simple pack architecture and bright, bold colour palette make the range easy to shop and easy to spot in the clouded windows of supermarket freezers.

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Bringing some warmth to the frosty category, we created a bespoke, handwritten font for a homemade feel and developed an uplifting tone of voice to inform and inspire customers.

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‘Frozen from Fresh’ roundels are placed haphazardly on packs for a hand finished feel. Mouth-watering food photography was shot to feature under the lid flaps.

We also developed a compelling brand animation to help Gourmade sell themselves and their proposition into retailers and investors.

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