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Bringing CBD to the mainstream

01 Healist Logo

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World
  • Brand Guidelines

The Brief

The CBD market is booming but lacks a trusted, credible leader. Can you help us bring our efficacious blends and natural active ingredients to the masses?

The Insight

The CBD category is oversaturated with brands that either peddle a prescribed idea of the ‘perfect dose’ or only reflect one way of life.

The idea

A perfect blend of science and nature. Removing barriers and building trust with a lifestyle brand for lots of different lifestyles.


Healist use cutting edge science to unlock the potential of natural ingredients. So we saw science and nature as fundamental pillars of the identity and Healist as the sweet spot in between, harnessing the two.

We opted for a clean colour palette and lab inspired icons to create a strong, sciencey feel for the brand. Then with science as a base, we brought nature to life as an adaptable living layer, through detailed botanical illustrations of each of the key ingredients.

Healist Reliefillustration
Healist Sleepillustration
10 Healist Master Range

“Regulation changes that have caused the CBD category to grow massively. But people still don’t have a clue who to trust. So we gave Healist an identity that spotlights their natural ingredients and makes the benefits crystal clear – whether that’s on pack or in the wider brand world.”

Design Director

RF Portraits 2022 Steph
Icons 1
Icons 2
12 Healist Packaging Calm
13 Healist Packaging Relief
14 Healist Packaging Sleep
15 Healist Packaging Wellbeing
16 Healist Reliefback
17 Healist Tablethands

Healist wanted to cut through the noise and change the narrative of a confusing category, so we made it the voice of reason with confident, reassuring brand messaging that informs and empower consumers.

3 Screens Ad
19 Healist Sleepad
20 Healist Stigmaad
21 Healist Magrelief

“Having created and launched our own lifestyle brands, we knew Healist needed far more than just some nice packaging to succeed on a global scale. We worked closely with their team to take Healist from brand strategy, right through to brand communications, considering every touchpoint in between and the journey of the consumer.”

Senior Creative Strategist

RF Portraits 2022 Nat
23 Healist Ipad1
24 Healist Ipad2
25 Healist Ipad3
26 Healist Ipad4

Healist speaks to people of all different lifestyles, opening up the benefits and possibilities of CBD beyond the typical target consumer. Social media and offline touchpoints such as influencer boxes work hard to continue the education and transparency of the website and show how Healist can fit into your day-to-day.

27 Healist Social
28 Healist Influencerpack
29 Healist Guidelines