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The Brief

The CBD market is booming but lacks a trusted, credible leader. We know our products will set the benchmark but need a brand that lives up to our purpose. Can you help us change the narrative and bring our efficacious blends of broad-spectrum CBD and natural active ingredients to the masses?

The Opportunity

For a relatively new category, CBD is very quickly becoming oversaturated with brands either focussed on a prescribed notion of the ‘perfect dose’ or aligned closely to a specific lifestyle. The opportunity as we saw it was to create a brand that could remove the barriers, build trust and bring CBD into the mainstream. A lifestyle brand for lots of different lifestyles.


The Result:

Bought by a leading US CBD Company. just 12 months after launch

Science meets nature

Healist use cutting edge science to unlock the potential and push the possibilities of natural ingredients. We saw science and nature as fundamental pillars of the identity and Healist as the sweet spot in between, harnessing the two. For the brand to be its most impactful, this balance would have to be represented throughout the visual and verbal identity, starting with the creation of the ‘H’ marque and demonstrated in the reveal of the split packaging.

Building efficacy through science

In a category of cowboys, we needed to reinforce the efficacy of Healist’s all-natural ingredients. From a clean, clinical white as the brand’s primary colour to lab inspired iconography and detail, science forms the base of the brand, and is used as a consistent, reassuring structure on which the potential of nature and our bodies can be explored.

Healist Hold Pack 06 Science Graphics

Letting nature do its thing

With science as a base, we chose to bring nature to life as an adaptable living layer. Every ingredient is carefully considered and chosen for its known benefits – many of which have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. We took inspiration from botanical drawings to create Healist’s master illustration style, illustrating each key ingredient across the Healist range.

Healist Reliefillustration Healist Sleepillustration
10 Healist Master Range

Blends with benefits

Healist’s product architecture is made up of four benefit ranges, each with its own collection of formats. For greater ease and clarity, we use master illustrations alongside benefit specific colours and iconography to pull each range apart. Each benefit icon nods to the circular focal point of the ‘H’ marque and representative of the desired effect of each respective benefit.

Icons 1 Icons 2
12 Healist Packaging Calm 13 Healist Packaging Relief 14 Healist Packaging Sleep 15 Healist Packaging Wellbeing
16 Healist Reliefback 17 Healist Tablethands

Breaking the stigma

Healist wanted to cut through the noise and change the narrative of a confusing category, so we made it the voice of reason. Bringing the brand to life off pack, a confident and reassuring tone of voice, and brand messaging aim to inform and empower consumers.

3 Screens Ad
20 Healist Stigmaad 21 Healist Magrelief

Building an online brand

For any modern brand, a strong online presence and e-commerce platform is a given. But for Healist to really change the narrative around CBD, online had to deliver beyond the standard D2C template, and offer transparency.

23 Healist Ipad1 24 Healist Ipad2 25 Healist Ipad3 26 Healist Ipad4

Engaging our audience

Healist speaks to a breadth of different lifestyles, opening up the benefits and possibilities of CBD beyond the typical target consumer. Social media and offline touchpoints such as influencer boxes work hard to continue the education and transparency of the website and show how Healist can fit in to your day-to-day.

27 Healist Social
28 Healist Influencerpack

Brand from start to finish

Having created and launched our own brands, we could anticipate the extent of what was required to build Healist a global brand that’s fit for purpose. We worked collaboratively with Present Life to take Healist from brand strategy, right through to brand communications, considering every touch point in between and the journey of the consumer.

29 Healist Guidelines
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