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Live it Up

Giving nutrition its colour back

LIU CS 3200x2000px 0004 LIU CS 3200x2000px

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Naming
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World
  • Brand Guidelines

The Brief

Customers love our products, but they’re not connecting with our brand. Can you find an emotional hook that takes us beyond commodity and expands our community?

The Insight

Eat clean, hit the gym, be mindful – the hyper-optimised wellness model is stressing us out. ‘Health’ has become homogeneous as the lines blur between competing categories. Clinical, beige brands are communicating a toxic image no one wants. 

The idea

Give nutrition its colour back.

From our first meeting, it was clear we needed to tap into the passion and joy the team have for connecting with people and creating positive change, bringing healthy nutrition to as many people as they can.

Meet Live it Up. Bursting with joy and good feeling, the colour palette creates a vibrant and optimistic energy, reflecting the many moods of the product range and the many ways people celebrate life.

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The brand is an energising call to action, but it’s deliberately inclusive. It doesn’t ask you to chase perfection. It encourages you to celebrate life in whatever way feels right — with candid, authentic lifestyle photography contrasts the ultra-staged category style.

LIU CS 3200x2000px 0000 LIU CS 3200x2000px

We extended the celebratory vibe into the product names and language. A tone of voice just as vivid and uplifting as the natural colour palette, complemented by a clear and positive typography, puts the customer at the heart of the message.

LIU CS 1592x2000px 0006 LIU CS 1592x2000px 2
LIU CS 1592x2000px 0001 LIU CS 1592x2000px
LIU CS 1592x2000px 0000 LIU CS 1592x2000px
LIU CS 1592x2000px 0005 LIU CS 1592x2000px

“The aim of the design was to capture ‘simple joy’ in a credible way - not over-lively or cheesy. From the approachable typographic logo to the candid photography style, we wanted ‘feeling good’ to come across as grounded and relatable.”

Design Director

RF Portraits 2022 Chris

Our pack designs hero the ingredients, while handwritten annotations add a human touch and make the link between ingredients and functional benefits clear and engaging.

LIU CS 2000x2000px 0005 LIU CS 2000x2000px
LIU CS 2000x2000px 0004 LIU CS 2000x2000px
LIU CS 2000x2000px 0003 LIU CS 2000x2000px
LIU CS 1592x2000px 0004 LIU CS 1592x2000px
LIU CS 1592x2000px 0003 LIU CS 1592x2000px 2

A suite of flexible graphic styles allows the brand to produce content that always feels fresh and engaging.

LIU CS 3200x2000px 0002 LIU CS 3200x2000px
LIU CS 3200x2000px 0001 LIU CS 3200x2000px
LIU CS 1592x2000px 0002 LIU CS 1592x2000px 2

“The Live it Up team have been an inspiration from day one. Their passion for their product really shone through – it was our job to reflect that passion back to the customer. They trusted us to push them in a bold new direction and rethink every aspect of the brand.”

Account Director

RF Portraits 2022 Emma
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