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Robot Food
Masons of Yorkshire

Breaking the mould

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What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Structural Design
  • Brand World
  • Brand Guidelines

The Brief

A distillery fire has crippled our stock and our facilities, can you help us rise from the ashes with an identity as distinctive as our gin?

The Insight

The category is flooded with faux-heritage brands and cheap gimmicks. To cut-through they needed a brand that would reflect their purist ethos as a pioneer of high quality, timeless, small batch gin.

The idea

Build a brand the way Cathy and Karl make gin – the Masons way.

Harnessing their tenacious Yorkshire spirit, we worked with Masons to create 'the definitive gin brand', one that people would love and ask for by name.

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The Result:

£4M Growth in the first 12 months.

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4 Masons Cs Blk Logo 2 1592X2000

We created a sense of timeless modernity with an elegant copper crown ‘M’ logo that represents the partnership between the two founders – while the wordmark anchors the brand to its Yorkshire roots.

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“Masons take the time to make gin the right way, so we treated every element of their brand with the same attention to detail. A key part of this was the bottle, where we took inspiration from the shape of traditional botanical greenhouses to create a bespoke design as distinctive and timeless as the liquid inside it.”

Design Director

RF Portraits 2022 Robbo
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For the messaging, we gave them a no-nonsense voice, distilled with a double shot of passion, to communicate the love and care that goes into every bottle.

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16 Masons Hero Group Shot 3200X2000

“After the fire, Masons were starting from ground zero; so they needed a firm foundation to rebuild their brand. We set a system that helped the brand move beyond their gin heartland, developed an ownable photography style, limited edition pack formats and whole new ranges.”

Creative Director

RF Portraits 2022 Ben
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Masons Edition 1 A
6 Masons Photo
4 Masons Photo
9 Masons Photo
Masons Group shot Masons Vodk

Brand photography by Angus McDonald.

Citrus Vodka Passionfruit Martinicopy Masons Vodka
Bottle Martinicopy Masons Vodka
Bottle Espresso Martinicopy Masons Vodka
Vodka Soda Singlecopy Masons Vodka
Citrus Spritzer Singlecopy Masons Vodka
Bloody Mary Singlecopy Masons Vodka
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“Just like us, Robot Food know the value of doing things properly – without compromise. From the start they took the time to understand us and the nuances of our business and have delivered a stunning rebrand that’ll stand the test of time.”

Karl Mason
Founder — Masons of Yorkshire

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