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Masons of Yorkshire Brand articulation / Brand evolution / Structural design / Brand world

Breaking the mould


The Brief

Can you help us rise from the ashes with a powerful new identity that’s as distinctive as our gin?

The Opportunity

After a fire destroyed their distillery in 2019, Masons had no choice but to start rebuilding their business from the ground up. As one of the pioneers of high quality, small batch gin, they needed an identity that would convey their purist ethos and cut through the gimmicks. We saw the opportunity to harness their tenacious Yorkshire spirit to create a gin that people would love and ask for by name.

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The Result

£4m growth in the first 12 months.

We positioned Masons as 'the definitive gin brand'. Choosing to steer clear of the contrived faux heritage approach that many gin brands follow, we created an identity inspired by Masons’ meticulous attitude and dedication to their distilling process.

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Masons needed a look and feel that would convey a sense of timeless modernity and set the benchmark for other gin brands to aspire to. At the heart of our design is an elegant copper crown ‘M’ logo, representing the integral partnership between Masons’ two founders.

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Complementing the crown, the proud ‘of Yorkshire’ wordmark anchors the brand to its Yorkshire roots whilst opening Masons up to a wealth of new business opportunities.

To build a brand that would stand the test of time, every element needed to be so distinctly Masons that it could never be replicated or mistaken. Inspired by the arches in the crown logo, our bespoke bottle design includes an intricate pattern that celebrates the uncompromising quality and purity of Masons gins.

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Masons makes gin the right way, using only real botanicals for a subtle and authentic flavour. So we gave them a genuine, no-nonsense tone of voice (with a double measure of passion) to reflect the love and care that goes into every bottle.

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Bringing the brand to life off pack, the messaging showcases gin in all its glory, inviting customers to enjoy a glass ‘The Masons Way’.

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Masons are a Yorkshire brand, but their ambitions are global. Considering how every touchpoint would elevate the customer experience, we created a rich brand world that not only tells the Masons story, but allows flexibility for future growth.

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