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Robot Food

Owning the ew

1 Naw CS Header Image

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Naming
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World

The Brief

We need a brand that balances ‘good for’ with ‘good fun’ – and celebrates our all-natural nature.

The Insight

Whether it’s training them or spoiling them, we use treats to bond with our dogs. But with so many brands using humanisation to tug on our heartstrings, it’s easy to mistake what looks good to us with what’s actually good for them.

The idea

Treat ‘em like a dog. Create a brand that embraces the hairy, the chewy and the ewwy – because let’s be real, that’s what our dogs really want.

2 Naw CS Brand Story

Our offcuts, their prime cuts. The brand needed an attitudinal name that would stand out amongst all the cuteness in the category. With its double meaning, ‘NAW’ (No Animal Wasted), reflects the dog’s experience, as well as the key product benefit of minimally processed, ‘ears to tail’ treats that reduce waste.

5 Naw CS Font

Channelling the unapologetically natural nature of the products, we gave NAW its own font, ‘Ruff Cuts’, complete with nuanced, hand-painted characters for added edge.

“Whether it’s crunchy chicken feet, pig’s ears or hairy lamb’s tails – with NAW what you see is what you get. The messaging had to strike a balance between saying it how it is and not putting us humans off! We chose to always lead with the positive, explaining why something gross to us is actually bloody great for them.”


RF Portraits 2022 Lizzie
10 Naw CS Posters

We’re not eating these treats, our dogs are. So for the tone of voice, we put ourselves in their paws, unleashing the personality of our inner dog and writing from their point of view.

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  • 8 Naw CS Pattern Slider 2
  • 9 Naw CS Pattern Slider 1

Taking inspiration from progressive human foodie brands, we used photos of the treats to create textural patterns for a raw and expressive feel.

“The products are no more gross than a butcher's shop window or a cured sausage so we wanted to show them off – no cutesifying or trying to mask what they really are. This idea influenced every design decision we made, including which dog imagery we chose. No fur babies, just real dogs, slobber and all.”

Senior Designer

RF Portraits 2022 Jules
14 Naw CS Product Line Up
16 Naw CS Jumbo Horn
17 Naw CS Shipper Box

“We’ve been so impressed with the depth of thinking that’s gone into the end result. At the start of the process we talked to Robot Food about the difficulties of developing a profound brand around the product set. The result is a solution that looks amazing and speaks to our primary customer (our dogs), while amplifying the ethical element of our products.”

Simon Brown