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Northern Monk Brand Articulation / Brand Evolution / Brand Narrative

Custodians of craft


The Brief

Help us to grow in stature and retain our integrity as we grow in scale.

The Opportunity

In a chaotic and ephemeral category, we saw the need for a moment of contemplation and a constant point of reference that drinkers could keep coming back to on their craft pilgrimage. Pure at heart and pioneering in spirit, the brand seeks to collaborate with, and convert, like minds to join a quiet revolution.

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We refined the monk brand mark, simplifying and clarifying it’s role on the pack and as part of the broader brand narrative.

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The Result:

Total Revenue up 81% Year-on-Year to £6m

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Our framework allowed the core range to be individually unique but collectively recognisable, helping better define the origins, flavours and creativity that goes into each can.

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A combination of illustration and colour is used to create different worlds around every beer. Energetic bursts tell their story, detailing the individually bold and ownable characteristics of each beer.

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