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Over The Spoon

Freeing dessert from dairy

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What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Naming
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines

The Brief

The free-from market is booming, but we’re struggling to make an impact. We need a brand that’ll resonate with mainstream consumers and set us up for the future. Can you help?

The Insight

‘Freaks of Nature’ and its activist aesthetic didn’t fit with how people think about free-from and vegan products. Going dairy-free isn’t an act of rebellion anymore, it’s a popular choice.

The idea

‘Dairy free-d’.
A mooovement for cow liberation
that focuses on the fun (it’s dessert after all).

After two previous attempts at the branding and recent investment, Freaks of Nature needed a fun, accessible name that would help the brand go pot-to-pot with their dairy counterparts. Enter Over The Spoon…

We created Over The Spoon’s playful illustration style in house, testing the limits of our imaginations and what exactly a dairy free-d cow could get up to.

“Daisy was a way to get across what can be a worthy message around sustainability and animal welfare in a light-hearted way that felt right for a dessert brand. We know that people don’t like people putting labels on them, Daisy shows what can happen when labels don’t hold you back. She’s not a mascot – she’s an icon!”

Senior Creative Strategist

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“Dessert should be fun, not something to feel guilty about. So while our colour palette and photography celebrates just how good a pud can be, the strong ethical benefits and position of the brand are delivered more palatably through its playfully positive tone of voice and charming illustrative style.”

Design Director

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Tone of Voice

Copy wasn’t just about how many cow puns we could come up with. We kept the tone positive and empowering by avoiding outdated, diet-y language to celebrate what Over the Spoon is, not what it isn’t.

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“Taking a completely fresh idea from the drawing board to supermarket shelves in under six months is no easy feat – but we did it. I had total confidence in the team throughout the whole creative process and am thrilled with the fantastic reception the brand has received from consumers and retailers.”

Tim Wild
Managing Director — Over The Spoon

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