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Freeing dessert from dairy


The Brief

The free-from market is booming, but we’re struggling to make an impact. We need a brand that’ll resonate with mainstream consumers and set us up for the future. Can you help?

The Opportunity

Freaks of Nature came to us in search of a brand refresh for their free-from treats. But their polarising name and ‘plant-based’ call out was more suited to sausages than dessert so it was clear they needed a switch in direction.

We saw the opportunity to remove the baggage of a free-from label and celebrate dairy-free deliciousness in all its glory through a complete strategic overhaul – including new positioning, a new name and a fresh visual identity they could own.

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The solution? To free dessert from dairy with a playfully irreverent brand centred around our feminist icon, Daisy the cow.

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“Dessert should be fun, not something to feel guilty about. So while our colour palette and photography celebrates just how good a pud can be, the strong ethical benefits and position of the brand are delivered more palatably through its playfully positive tone of voice and charming illustrative style.”

Stephanie Oglesby
Design Director, Robot Food

11 OTS Daisy

“We started a mooovement, not a guilt trip. The cause for cow liberation fronted by our fearless leader Daisy and ‘Dairy Free-d’ as our rallying cry. It’s a serious message, delivered in a super positive, compelling way. More than that there was the incredible duality to Daisy’s story of not letting labels hold her back which resonates perfectly with a flexi-reducer consumer audience. She’s an icon.”

Natalie Redford
Creative Strategist, Robot Food

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“Taking a completely fresh idea from the drawing board to supermarket shelves in under six months is no easy feat – but we did it. I had total confidence in the team throughout the whole creative process and am thrilled with the fantastic reception the brand has received from consumers and retailers.”

Tim Wild
Managing Director, Over The Spoon

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