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Robot Food

Turning up the tang

What we did:

  • Creative Strategy
  • Naming
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand World
  • Art Direction
  • Campaign

The Brief

Dip & Drizzle is our first real product development in 230 years – so it has to be right. Help us set the direction for this with an energetic identity that’s also fit for future innovations.

The Insight

We want more bang for our buck! Consumers are spending less on comfort food, but still crave new flavour experiences to bring the excitement home.

The idea

Turn up the tang! 

Accessible indulgence that amplifies flavour and hits home heritage, to excite a new generation of Sarson’s lovers.

Signalling a new dawn for the heritage brand, Dip & Drizzle is a versatile tangy condiment that you can put on absolutely anything in need of tang. So we built an identity and world that celebrates endless foodie possibilities.

0012 DD Case Study Case Study Plan COMPLETE
Sarsons CS Dip Drizzle GIF v2

Taking inspiration from burger bars and diners, we created a bold ‘drip’ to act as a beacon on shelf, along with a zingy colour palette topped with expressive patterns.

Sarsons Malt Group v2
0001 DD Case Study Case Study Plan COMPLETE v2

“We ramped up the fun and energy with bright colours, and used close-up, craveworthy photography to capture how Dip & Drizzle adds excitement to any eating occasion.”


RF Portraits 2022 Sam

For the tone, we created rhythmic lines stuffed with sensory language, and brought them to life through dynamic type and the iconic Sarson’s arc.

0000 DD Case Study Case Study Plan COMPLETE v2
Case Study Plan COMPLETE Group 3
Case Study Plan COMPLETE Group 2
Case Study Plan COMPLETE Group 1 v2

To reintroduce tang with a bang, we created an omnichannel campaign to capture the moment where the tang hits. Time slows down. Colour intensifies. And you can almost taste it in your ears.

“Tang can be hard to explain. But with the trust from the Sarson’s team, we took the theme and ran with it, celebrating tanginess in all its glory. It’s not something you’ll be passive about – it’s flavour you can feel.”

Client Director

RF Portraits 2022 Jess

Bold, saturated and sensorial, we made Sarson’s synonymous with big flavour experiences by heroing satisfyingly saucy food and playfully reactive facial expressions.

0009 DD Case Study Case Study Plan COMPLETE
0010 DD Case Study Case Study Plan COMPLETE

“The energy and passion that Robot Food brings to their work and in turn, the brands they work on, is contagious.”

Katy Holder
Brand Manager, Sarson’s

Making a splash nationwide across TV, out-of-home, digital and social touchpoints, the campaign targets anyone looking to make their next meal more memorable.

This is just the start of our story with Sarson’s. Watch this space for more.