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Shaking up the salt category

0 Saxa Logo

What we did:

  • Creative Strategy
  • Visual Identity

The Brief

Turn around the downturn and stand up against own label to put us pride of place on the nation’s table.

The Insight

To many, salt is just salt. Consumers need a good reason to trade up from own label for what’s seen as a standard staple.

The idea

Celebrate salt – elevate Saxa from a humble commodity to the magic ingredient.

We simplified and refined Saxa’s brand mark and holding device, introducing a contemporary sans serif font for the variant name and descriptor – and included the ‘Est. 1907’ claim to reinforce the brand’s heritage.

3 Saxa Drum2

The Result:

from 17% decline to 3% year-on-year growth

5 Saxa Seasalts
8 Saxa Rocksalt Pattern

We created abstract, expressive patterns to distinguish one salt from another, and celebrate the flair Saxa brings to cooking. The wave-like swirls are inspired by the movement of the sea while coarse blocks mimic the texture of natural rocks.

2 Saxa Solow Portrait
6 Saxa Seasalt Coarse
7 Saxa Rocksalt Coarse

“Saxa would be seen everywhere, but it wasn’t just about looking good. The design had to have a bold brand imprint on shelf whilst allowing enough flex to clearly differentiate each product.”

Founder & ECD

RF Portraits 2022 Si

For their range of premium, flavoured sea salts, we brought the packs to life with colours bursting with flavour and hand drawn illustrations.

11 Saxa Specialitysalts
2 Saxa Previousdesign