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Premier Foods Brand Articulation / Brand Evolution

Shaking up the salt category


The Brief

Turn around the downturn and stand up against own label to put us pride of place on the nation’s table.

The Opportunity

We knew we’d have to give consumers a good reason to trade up from own label for what was seen as a standard staple. Saxa is salt, so who better to celebrate it and elevate it from a humble commodity to the magic ingredient.

Saxa’s previous brand mark and holding device were refined and simplified, with a more contemporary sans serif font introduced.

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The Result:

from 17% decline to 3% year-on-year growth

5 Saxa Seasalts
8 Saxa Rocksalt Pattern

Abstract cues and expressive marks distinguish one salt from the other, championing the flair Saxa brings to cooking. Wave like swirls draw inspiration from the sea while coarse blocks echo the texture of natural rocks.

For the range of premium, flavoured sea salts we brought the packs to life with colours bursting with flavour and hand drawn illustrations.

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