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Robot Food

Bringing a cult crisp to the masses

Seabrook Cocktail

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Verbal Identity
  • Visual Identity

The Brief

Help us be more relevant to a modern consumer and give us the means to make our mark on a closed category.

The Insight

Seabrook borders on cult status in its heartland, with die-hard fans getting all misty-eyed at the thought of swimming pool vending machines. The majority of the country, however, would need a little more convincing to be converted to the holy grail of the crinkle cut.

The idea

Bags of flavour. Take on the big boys with a bold and unapologetic take on life and snacking.

We modernised the brand mark while staying true to Seabrook’s history. Prouder and clearer the logo features prominently on pack, with the colour changing according to product to reinforce the boldness of each flavour.

Seabrook Logo Comparison

To give Seabrook a stronger, more ownable look we created thick, wavy stripes that pop against the white, alternating in colour and shape to indicate the flavour and cut of the crisps.

Seabrook Cheese
Seabrook Salted
Seabrook Vinegar
Seabrook Group
Seabrook Group2

“We smashed category rules to give Seabrook a much braver, more disruptive attitude. No more clutter, just big bold ‘look at me’ branding. Seabrook is now more relevant, without being mainstream in approach.”

Creative Director

RF Portraits 2022 Wid

Seabrook needed a voice to match their challenger ethos. Proud and punchy, we created messages including the ‘Bags of flavour made with pride’ strapline, and the playful ‘Saviours of flavour’ brand story, which subtly nods to their northern roots.

Seabrook Lifestyle

The Result:

+£100m in increased revenue over 4 years

Seabrook Previous

With Seabrook’s swagger back in full swing, we then rolled out the design across NPD, including their Lattice offering where we chose a rich blue backdrop and a premium foil finish for an elevated feel.

Seabrook Lattice
Seabrook Lattice Shedload
Seabrook Lifestylelattice

“Bold flavour and authenticity are key cornerstones of our brand that Robot Food have captured and reinforced in a unique and distinctive design. The outstanding results build on strong brand pride and are sure to grab the attention of both new and existing customers. It’s a great change for Seabrook Crisps and one that we’re extremely proud of.”

Kevin Butterworth
Marketing and International Sales Director — Seabrook