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Making our mark


The Brief

Why is it that over 40% of the western world have tattoos, yet there are no long-term skincare brands dedicated to caring for tattooed skin?

The Opportunity

As we saw it, was Mass-Niche – to speak to the millions of people underserved by the beauty industry and create a credible, direct-to-consumer skincare brand specifically for them. A dedicated brand that celebrates individuality and is as passionate about tattoos and the wider lifestyle as those who have them.

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The Result:

A brand valuation of $10m in 4 years

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Tattoos now and onwards

We positioned Stories & Ink as a facilitator for meaningful conversations around tattoos, putting tattoo enthusiasts at the heart of everything, creating a space where they can share their personal stories.

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Championing the people

With a positioning that focuses on the consumer, we created an inquisitive and unapologetic tone of voice that empowers those who are different and celebrates being comfortable in your own skin.

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Dedicated skincare

Our design blends the efficacy of health and beauty with the authenticity of tattoo culture. Each product is represented on pack by a unique symbol from bespoke ‘flash sheet’ style illustrations, to ease range navigation.

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The full illustrations feature elsewhere, inside the packaging and on branded tissue paper to add an extra dose of personality to the brand experience.

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A seamless experience

A D2C approach gave us the ability to own the brand journey from start to finish. With multiple opportunities to engage with our audience, we were able to fully explore our pillars of efficacy and authenticity across a wide range of touchpoints, adding depth to our brand world.

With every detail considered from the consumer’s viewpoint, we created a seamless brand experience from a bespoke Shopify web platform, right through to branded stickers and a small selection of well-considered merchandise.

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Building a community of storytellers

Stories & Ink exists to give people a platform to share their passions. By creating a rich variety of social media content, we aim to position the brand as a go-to source and credible commentator on the culture – sparking conversations and championing different voices, styles and experiences.

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