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Capturing community


The Brief

We’re already a big hit with the dads. Now we want to broaden our audience and attract a new generation of beer drinkers too. Can you help?

The Opportunity

To the Danes, Tuborg is so much more than a beer brand – it’s a cultural icon. But over the last 30 years, as they’ve introduced new beer personalities, their impact has got diluted. They needed clarity to keep existing customers on side, and a compelling world to welcome new ones to the fold.

We saw the opportunity to create a Tuborg for everyone. Building on the Danish idea of ‘fællesskab’ (or community in English) to create a community of beers and put consumers at the heart of the Tuborg experience.

Tuborg CS 3200x2000px 0008 Tuborg CS Line Up

We simplified then amplified the personality of each beer in Tuborg’s portfolio to create a stronger and more consistent brand family. One that would be easier to navigate and appeal to a much broader audience whilst staying true to the heritage of the brand.

Tuborg CS 3200x2000px Range 1 Tuborg CS 3200x2000px Range 2 Tuborg CS 3200x2000px Range 3 Tuborg CS 3200x2000px Range 4
Tuborg CS 3200x2000px 0001 Tuborg CS Flatlay

“It was never a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Instead we took all the design elements, from shapes to colours, fonts and label architecture to create a suite of ownable brand assets that help set Tuborg up for a progressive future”.

Ben, Creative Director
Tuborg CS 3200x2000px 0002 Tuborg Parasols

We combined Tuborg's iconic 'clockman' with the wordmark for the first time to create a more distinctive brand imprint.

Tuborg CS 3200x2000px 0007 Layer 6 Tuborg CS 3200x2000px 0006 Layer 7

Off pack, we put people at the centre of the action. Using the clockman to frame unfiltered, spontaneous moments of fællesskab.

Tuborg CS 1592x2000px 0006 Tuborg Gron Can in Hands Tuborg CS 1592x2000px 0005 Tuborg Classic Can in Hands
Tuborg CS 3200x2000px 0005 Tuborg CS Gron Ice Bucket Tuborg CS 3200x2000px 0004 Tuborg CS Festival Girl

“Drinking the beer your dad drinks is the opposite of cool. So a big part of the work was about changing the perceptions of the brand with an off pack world that a younger audience would relate to.”

Dave, Managing Director
Tuborg CS 1592x2000px 0003 Tuborg Null Lilo Girls Tuborg CS 1592x2000px 0002 Tuborg CS Classic Jenga Tuborg CS 1592x2000px 0001 Tuborg CS Guld Lady in the City Tuborg CS 1592x2000px 0000 Tuborg Lines in the Streets

“Robot Food understood our needs, vulnerabilities, dedication, craft, and, most importantly, our sense of humour which made the whole process such a joy. It's very easy for us to be happy clients – every meeting is like spending time with family.”

Louise Dandanell, Marketing Manager, Tuborg Denmark
Tuborg CS 3200x2000px 0003 Tuborg Festival
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