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Removing the snobbery


The Brief

Here's a category overly dry and in need of a different perspective...

The Opportunity

We saw wine as a closed category where confusion was confounded and a class system securely in place. With so much smoke and mirrors, consumers are shopping on price promos and provenance but not with brand loyalty. We stripped back all the pomp, put the flavours front and centre and set a new standard for wine to be judged by.

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Years, regions and grapes only speak to connoisseurs and their cellars. For those who drink to enjoy, our design wanted to deliver a pure indication of flavour and cohesive, striking brand.

Wayward Story2
Wayward Group

Bold colours, textures and expressive hand illustrated lines work together to suggest a range of flavour profiles.

Wayward Rotate

The expressive illustrations are held together by a clean and contemporary Wayward wordmark and direct flavour descriptors.

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