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Care for every dog


The Brief

We’d like to keep extending our product range but don’t want to lose clarity.

The Opportunity

In the world of joint supplements, Lintbells’ YuMOVE was top dog. But over time, as they’d expanded their range beyond joint care into other areas (like YuDIGEST) the core brand identity had become fragmented.

It was time to add clarity with a master identity that would help them lead the way as the go-to pet wellness brand and make an active life possible for every dog.

First up, Lintbells needed a better way to categorise their products. As a name, YuMOVE aligned well with their brand mission of ‘active for life’, so we united all sub brands under this umbrella.

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Taking inspiration from the wider world of wellness, we worked closely with the team at YuMOVE to create a suite of branded assets that can flex from channel to channel, creating a seamless experience.

We used a friendly colour palette and simple iconography for an efficacious, ‘soft science’ look that clearly pulls the ranges apart and makes the brand easy for pet parents to shop.

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We wanted the photography to feel real, relatable and energetic – like the dogs were jumping out of the design.

Julia, Senior Designer
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The brand needed a global, multi-channel approach that would maximise sales both on and offline. So we decluttered the front of pack info and let the website and side of pack do more of the talking.

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Today’s new breed of dog owners value prevention just as highly as the cure. Now with a more joined up brand, YuMOVE can play in their heartland of scientifically proven formulas and tap into new pet care categories

Emma, Senior Account Manager
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