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We partner with brands of all sectors and sizes to help them find their voice, make an impact and build a lasting connection with their audience.

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Wherever you are in the world, if you’ve got a brand challenge, we’d love to help.

About Us

Simplify to amplify.
That’s our ethos.

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Ever noticed how the best ideas feel like common sense? They hit you out of nowhere and make you think – finally. They’re effortlessly gettable, and disruptive in the right way. The kind of disruption that silences rather than shouts.

Common sense is simple, but simple isn’t easy.

Getting to gettable takes thinking through, talking out and questioning everything (even the elephant in the room) to uncover what people actually care about.

Together, we’ll filter out the waffle and find your brand’s point of difference. We’ll simply to amplify, and make your brand one that can’t be replaced.

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We build brands

Brand strategy, naming, verbal and visual identity – all the ins and outs of your brand. We build challenger brands from the ground up, and restore household names as category leaders. Whatever it takes to find your point of difference and give you a compelling identity.

We elevate brands

We breathe new life into brands by making the biggest impact from your existing assets. From masterband guardianship to new products, range extensions and seasonal excitements, our ‘simplify to amplify’ approach gives you common-sense creative ideas that may break one or two rules, but will never break your brand.

We connect brands with people

Web design and digital brand world, art direction and production, campaign creative and ads, and all the technical bits you don’t want to stress about. We fine-tune the details that get your brand to connect wherever it meets people.

The Team

  • Circle Photos Si
    Simon Forster Founder & ECD
  • Circle Photos Dave
    Dave Timothy Managing Director
  • Circle Photos Matt B Orange
    Matt Bevington Head of North American Partnerships
  • Circle Photos tomw
    Tom Wray Business Partnerships Lead
  • Circle Photos Jess
    Jess Cook Client Director
  • Circle Photos Emma
    Emma Collingswood Account Director
  • Circle Photos Libby
    Libby Goodyear Account Director
  • Circle Photos Nat
    Natalie Redford Senior Creative Strategist
  • Circle Photos Chloe
    Chloe Stacey Creative Strategist
  • Circle Photos Hatty v2
    Hatty Hanna Marketing Manager
  • Circle Photos ben brown
    Ben Brears Creative Director
  • Circle Photos wid grey
    Martin Widdowfield Creative Director
  • Circle Photos clayton brown
    Clayton Davis Copy Director
  • Circle Photos lizzie blue
    Lizzie de Jong Copywriter
  • Circle Photos chris purple
    Chris Shuttleworth Design Director
  • Circle Photos robbo pink
    Rich Robinson Design Director
  • Circle Photos steph blue
    Steph Mason Design Director
  • Circle Photos Julia
    Julia Allan Senior Designer
  • Circle Photos craig orange
    Craig Lindsay Senior Designer
  • Circle Photos oj blush
    Ollie Jackson Designer
  • Circle Photos sam yellow
    Sam Jepson Designer
  • Circle Photos Ryley
    Ryley Devine Designer
  • Circle Photos torben grey
    Torben Griffin-Shaw Designer
  • Circle Photos El
    Eleanor Duckers Designer
  • Circle Photos Blazer purple
    Rich Fraser Creative Visualiser
  • Circle Photos Matt
    Matt Reid Studio Production Manager
  • Circle Photos Marc
    Marc Newell Senior Artworker

Who we work with

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