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We partner with brands of all sectors and sizes to help them find their voice, make an impact and build a lasting connection with their audience.

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Breez cannabis edibles identity & rebrand by Robot Food — Lifestyle tin shoot featuring a skater

Creating culture in cannabis

Cannabis is one of the most exciting brand challenges in years. A well-known product, with an established culture, suddenly moving somewhere completely new. We help brands see the future of cannabis. Where old clichés are forgotten, and brands and customers can create a new culture together.

Navigating a new lifestyle

Legalisation has opened cannabis and CBD up to a much larger, broader consumer base - but one which has no idea how to navigate this new, uncertain terrain.

We’ve helped brands like Breez and Healist develop a design system that enables their customers to make informed choices. No nasty surprises, just simple good times.

“I searched for months to find the right creative partner to bring Goldmine to life. Simon and the team just got the idea – they were unafraid to take risks, and worked hand in hand with us to navigate some tough creative and compliance challenges.

Austin Hice
Cofounder – Goldmine Gummies

Cannabis without the cliché

Stoner tropes have been ingrained in cannabis culture for decades – but new brands want to create a culture of their own. One that’s science-backed, real life, inclusive. Fun, not far out.

Our work with Goldmine Gummies and CQ shows how cannabis brands can have personality and showcase joy in a way that stands out, without a leaf motif in sight.

Time to take your cannabis brand to new heights?

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