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Pet Care

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Design for brands of all breeds

When it comes to the pet world, we’re a brand’s best friend. Combining 15 years of creativity and commercial knowledge with our own experiences as doting pet parents, we’ve worked with brands of all breeds to help them earn their rightful place as top dog. Take a look.

Putting personality first

Many pet brands have great products, make bold statements and speak to pet owners. So your brand needs more than just catchy claims to cut through in a crowded category.

For Wagg and NAW, we channelled our inner dog, focusing on their different personalities to create distinctive, ownable identities that allow them to bark louder than the rest.

“We’ve been so impressed with the depth of thinking that’s gone into the end result. At the start of the process we talked to Robot Food about the difficulties of developing a profound brand around the product set. The result is a solution that looks amazing and speaks to our primary customer (our dogs), while amplifying the ethical element of our products.”

Simon Brown

Saying more with less

Once you’ve made it to the top of the category, it’s a whole different challenge to stay there. It’s easy to end up saying too much all at once and confusing your customers.

Our work with Yumove and Harringtons shows a simple design system that prioritises what matters most can create consistency and clarity for a category leader.

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