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We partner with brands of all sectors and sizes to help them find their voice, make an impact and build a lasting connection with their audience.

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We’re the real foodies

With over 15 years experience working with the biggest food brands, from concept to shelf, you could say that food branding and packaging is our bread and butter. No agency better understands the challenges, processes, and creative expertise needed to make brands that feel good enough to eat.

Thought for food

The food category is about as crowded as it gets for brands. Fighting for shelf space, shouting the same things, the same ideas rehashed, recooked and regurgitated.

Our thoughtful creative approach allows big hitters like chiller thriller Urban Eat to banish the bland, and smaller brands like hot saucers Fuego Spice to set their categories aflame.

New thinking for new eating

Vegan and free-from food has gone from novelty nibble to mainstream meal, but with so many brands wading into plant-based, how do you keep your thinking as fresh as your veg?

We’ve helped high street icon Co-op to create a plant-based range true to their pioneer spirit, but also worked with smaller brands to develop delicious looks you just want to devour.

“Taking a completely fresh idea from the drawing board to supermarket shelves in under six months is no easy feat – but we did it. I had total confidence in the team throughout the whole creative process and am thrilled with the fantastic reception the brand has received from consumers and retailers.”

Tim Wild
Managing Director – Over the Spoon

New looks for beloved brands

Updating any heritage brand is a challenge. But updating a heritage snack brand can be a minefield. Get it wrong, and you’re tearing up people’s treasured childhood memories.

We’ve worked with some of the most beloved snack brands to bring them up to date and help them reach lucrative new markets — all while ensuring they stay national treasures.

Clean styles for cupboard staples

If your brand is a cupboard staple, maybe you’re not ready to shake up your pack? But brands that don’t stand out can soon end up forgotten at the back of the shelf.

Our approach to reinvigorating cupboard favourites, from kids’ cereals to humble salt, shows there’s always something new and exciting for a staple to say.

Given you food for thought?

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