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Health & Beauty

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Brands that are more than skin deep

Many new brands barely make a blemish on the competitive health and beauty category. With bold names and eye-catching designs in abundance, it’s a marketplace that requires brands to deliver a little more depth. It’s a beauty routine we’ve got down.

Bigger than beauty

Skincare brands routinely try to imitate their audience, to create an image that’s a polished reflection of their demographic. But what if you want to be more than a reflection?

Our work shows you can be bigger than beauty by creating community. Actually represent your audience by putting them front and centre, making their stories, your stories.

“Stories & Ink is a great example of Robot Food putting their money where their mouth is. They believed wholeheartedly in the idea and whatever it took to help bring it to life - nurturing, incubating and investing in the brand to make it what it is today.”

Stu Jolley
Co-founder — Stories & Ink


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