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We partner with brands of all sectors and sizes to help them find their voice, make an impact and build a lasting connection with their audience.

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Bottle or can, we have a plan

We’ve been working with some of the world’s leading alcohol brands for 15 years. From heritage stalwarts to RTD upstarts, we know how brands can make a mark in a highly competitive category. We’re the ideal drinking buddy.

Making classic contemporary

The biggest alcohol brands are steeped in history. They have stories that speak of time-honoured taste and age-old quality. But what happens when heritage starts to feel old?

We’ve helped a number of well-loved classic brands amplify their history with a sharper, more modern design to reach new audiences and write new chapters in their stories.

Restoring icons

When you’re a category leader, you probably have a tipple for every taste. But sometimes, expansion dilutes your identity, and you begin to lose what made you iconic.

Our simplify to amplify approach has helped some of the biggest alcohol brands get their swagger back, equipping them for many more years of expansion and domination.

“It’s very easy to have ‘good’ design in the age of the internet, but Robot Food deliver exceptional design. They took my dream and turned it into an even better reality – they’re genuine engineering design magicians! I’m very grateful to have found them.”

Don Deubler
CEO — Atomic Brands

Elevating craft

The craft alcohol categories come with their own unique challenges. Proudly small-scale brands trying to stand out in a crowded market - where everyone is trying to stand out.

We help brands cut through the chaos to make a statement. Whether it’s the timeless quality of Masons gin or the grit and graft of Vocation beer, we elevate the craft.

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