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18 January 2019

Cultivators of craft — NMBCo.

Nm Casestudyimages 3200X2000 0013 06 Northern Monk Group Two Jpg70

We’re so lucky to be based in a city with such thriving passion and creativity. Our latest partnership was with our friends at Northern Monk, whose values we share and beer we drink. Based just a stone’s throw away from our studio, Northern Monk was our local taproom before they became our clients.

The partnership began with Northern Monk’s Crowdcube campaign which tore through its target in just 3 hours and closed at a whopping 1.5 million with 2161 investors. With the funds raised, the guys at Northern Monk were tripling capacity with a new canning line and opening a Manchester tap room. All they needed was their brand to step up to their wild success and asked us to refresh their core range.

Nm Casestudyimages 3200X2000 0018 01 Northern Monk Group One Jpg100

We began by refining the monk brand mark and clarifying his role in the narrative. The monk now acts as a constant beacon and symbolises the brewery's ever-present progressive attitude towards brewing that's rooted in tradition.

A combination of illustration and colour were used to create a world around each beer. Through the energetic bursts, a story is told which demonstrates the bold, own-able characteristics of each beer.

Nm Casestudyimages 3200X2000 0014 05 Northern Monk Faith Artwork Jpg70
Nm Casestudyimages 3200X2000 0015 04 Northern Monk Heathen Artwork Jpg70
Nm Casestudyimages 3200X2000 0016 03 Northern Monk Striding Edge Artwork Jpg70
09 Northern Monk Faith Artwork
08 Northern Monk Faith Artwork
07 Northern Monk Faith Artwork
06 Northern Monk Faith Artwork

Colour evokes the nature of each flavour, from calming session-able blues to fiery and bold IPA’s.

The brand refresh is a true labour of love on both sides and we're all extremely excited to see the cans storm the beer world.

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